Sunday, March 7, 2010

Karma Yoga

Today I went to the lecture of Swami Krishnathmananda from chinmaya mission. His lecture was about Karma yoga.

I don't like to go in the way of karma yoga. So that speech was not verymuch impressive to me. But you may be in that path. So I would like to share something he said:

"Karma yoga is a defence to get protection from the worldy life. Everyone is bonded in various duties naturally. (like office, family, etc.). There you'll get many shocks which will give you sadness and sorrows. To get away from those effects, you can use a glouse called Karma yoga (like lord Ramakrishna said to use oil when cutting jack fruit). Don't do karmas but karma yoga. How to do Karma yoga?

There your attitude should be changed. You should think yourself as a servant of god. And think that whatever the works you get are given by god.
For example, If the general manager orders a designer of his company to design a model, the designer should not ask questions about the profits and price of the good. He should see the design and should make the model. If he started to ask unnecessary questions, he will waste the time or will forget the work to be done. So he will be dismissed by the manager. Likewise you should not ask questions at god about your duties. Never compare yourself with others. Though you do a work perfect, others will find faults. If you practice karma yoga never mind those opnions and do the work as well as possible."

Those were some words (or a small summary) of that swami's speech.

As I told you earlier I'm not interested in that path. But I have some imagination (in my words 'my knowledge') about karma yoga. They are (For Karma Yogies):

I found that some people are annoyed of doing a same work again.
Don't ever hesitate to do the same work again and again as it is rejected for small mistakes. Because God may give you (may has given you already ) many of such situations to help you to improve in that path. I'm not worried about those things as I've already said that I'm not interested in that path. (How is my defence :P).

The above is a good comedy. Isn't it? Because I'm not in that path and I'm frightening you!!
But don't try to frighten me in my path.... because I may not have that much of stregnth like you people.

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